What do we offer?

We act as the patient’s advocate. We offer medical advice to the patients that come to us and we offer them to find the best possible medical solution on any pathological entity that affects human beings. We take them by their hands and walk with them. From being in the “cold” you will now feel “protected”. Our patients feel empowered with their feet on the ground. With our assessment you will become a wise patient.

Once we have designed an action plan and following a conversation with you and your family members we will put you in contact with the top doctors or top surgeons that from now onwards will take care of your case.

Your medical problem becomes our problem. We will find the key to maximize your treatment. With the best second medical opinions we will design a strategy with different plans to optimize your outcome. In this way we will be ahead of the disease and how it is likely to progress. We will put on the table all the medical treatments available to the patient. Despite the lack of the patients’ medical criteria with our assistance you will have the confidence to take the best possible decisions. We will take care of you !!!


We offer our patient assessment to patients with diseases:

    1. That require the best second medical opinion that he/she can master
    2. Uncertain prognosis (ej. Cancer)
    3. That become resistant to a treatment
    4. That are degenerative in nature
    5. Genetic / heredirary / rare
    6. That no one seems to understand, diagnose or implement a proper therapeutic strategy.

We offer our patient assessment to patients with:

    1. Uncertain diagnosis or potentially erroneous medical diagnosis.
    2. Any question regarding a disease, treatment, diagnostic test …
    3. Diseases, treatments, diagnostic tests in which the patient finds it difficult to understand and they want us to explain to them in plain language.
    4. Doubts when the patient is offered several possible treatments and you need to know which are the best medical treatments.
    5. Simply to know who is the physician or which is the medical / surgical department that knows most on the patient’s disease (top surgeonstop doctors in the world)



Depending on your needs you can choose either plan A or B.

A) Doctors rankings and review of the case.

    • We review all the information that the patient provides.
    • We will calculate a worlds’ doctors ranking so that we can recommend a physician / surgeon that knows best (top surgeons / top doctors in the world or area of residency).

B) Doctors rankings and review of the case. We also take care of your case (personalized treatment). This strategic medical plan includes:

    • We will calculate the necessary medical rankings (surgeons rankings / doctors rankings)
    • We may contact the top doctors in the world requesting. their medical opinions (in case there is a need).
    • We will ship the patients’ biopsy to elite laboratories and do pharmacogenomic analysis if necessary.
    • We will review all the medical literature (last 5 years).
    • We will review all the clinical trials trying to find out which new experimental medical treatments are being currently tested around the world.
    • We will offer second medical opinions.
    • We will travel with the patient(s) if he/she so wishes.
    • We will monitor that the patient receives the appropiate care. We will watch over your shoulder to make sure everything is taken care off. We will act as the patients’ advocate.
    • We will develop a proper medical strategy.
    • We will keep a record of all the medical events, tests, imaging, etc …
    • We will search over alternative medicine possibilities.
    • We will address all the phone and e-mail questions.
    • We will improve your prognosis.