¿Which plans do you offer?

We offer you two possible plans (A or B). Please clic over the “what do we offer” link to read over the characteristics of both plans so that you can chose one of them,

What is the cost?

The first time we will talk over the phone or via e-mail our services are FREE of charge. Following this first contact our rates follow the ones of specialized lawyers / solicitors / attorneys.

Where are we based?

Barcelona, Spain.

Is it possible to travel with the patient?

Yes, by all means, but you have to realize that the cost will be high as we will charge you on an hourly basis.

What do we do?

We offer second medical opinions. We are the patients’ advocate. We find out where are the best doctors? We optimize the patients’ treatment.

What kind of documents do we need?

We need to have your clinical history. This is the key document. Other documents of interest are pathology / anatomic pathology documents (in case they exist), reports on imaging and respective CDs, blood and urine analysis, etc…. In case a biopsy exists it would be necessary to collect the paraffin block(s). Any other document with medical information might be of interest.

Can I choose a plan and make a gift to a friend out of it?

You can indeed. If you wish, we will do it with absolute confidentiality so that the patient never gets to know whose friend did such a gift to the patient.

What is it that you don’t have to do if you have cancer?

You don’t have to be waiting / wasting your time. Think about it; while there is no treatment in place the tumor is growing and growing.

Don’t disregard any treatment. Don’t think that “I will do that when I feel like it”, or “I am keeping this treatment if everything falls apart”. As time goes by, tumors develop more mutations and become much more aggressive. The tumor at the onset is very different to the one a few months later. It might happen that “keeping this treatment for later” might never exist.

What is it that you have to avoid?

Burocracy and time always play against you. The best option is to be assertive and take action. It is always a good idea to collect all the information as time goes by and keeping all the document in one easy to manage folder. Similarly to collect all the imaging CDs and their respective reports.

What is it that we don’t do?

• We are not a private clinic

• We have no relation with insurances, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical industry.

• We don’t prescribe.

• We don’t touch any patient. We do not do any surgeries ourselves.

• We make no diagnosis.

• We don’t apply any therapeutic protocol.

• We make no drugs, vaccines, etc…

• We don’t confront your case with the physician that is taking care of you before you get to visit us.

• We do not heal. The ones healing you will be the physicians that we will take you to.

How can you contact us?

Via our web or sending an e-mail to ccardona@doctorcardona.com or calling +00.34.607.345.487

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