Best doctors

This is our essential tool. In order to find out the top doctors in the world we designed an algorithm and software to calculate the physicians that know most on over 6.000 pathologies that affect human beings.   We base our technology on the following facts: Physicians put lots of efforts on their publications. They can take 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years to get an article published. On top of it these articles are very often refereed by blind referees that discuss the validity of the physicians’ conclusions. The accumulation of articles in specific diseases will be taken into account by us. This accumulation, together with 33 other parameters gets calculated using our algorithm. Some of these parameters involve the age of the article, number of authors, origin of the authors, multinational collaborations, number of patients studied, quality of the journal where they are published, etc….   Once the algorithm has calculated the value of each article they are added up with respect to each doctor. At the end we obtain doctors rankings, hospitals rankings or clinic rankings. Given that we separate between pediatric doctors versus adult doctors, and clinical specialists versus interventional specialists (doctors that will use their hands or machinery over your body to implement a medical treatment) we are able to obtain a very clear picture on who are the top doctors in the world on every single medical condition. Do you need to know who are the top doctors? Do you need to know who is the top surgeon? Do you need to know who is the best oncologist on a given tumor? Do you need to know who is the best orthopedic surgeon? We can answer all these questions for you using the technology of Medirank.   Furthermore, given that we know the address where these top doctors work we can more specifically help you find out who are the top doctors in your area.  For example:


  • Top doctors on Tinnitus in Regensburg (Germany) for adult patients?: Doctor Berthold Langguth; Department Of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics And Psychotherapy, University Of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany.
  • Top doctors on Tinnitus in New York (NY, USA) for adult patients? Tinnitus Doctor Abraham Shulman; Martha Entenmann Tinnitus Research Center, Inc., State University Of New York Health Sciences Center At Brooklyn, NY, USA.


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