About us

We are a group of physicians, computer analysts whose main objective is to best serve our patients by providing them with our medical advice. We were set up to assist you; especially to those patients that cannot find a proper solution to their medical condition. We offer you to find who can offer the best second medical opinion.

Our Project is led by Dr. Carlos Cardona. A physician and scientist with a wide range of expertise in a variety of medical fields: Oncology, Immunology, Virology, and Cardiology. Similarly, he is an expert in semantics, ontogeny, taxonomy, and medical folksomy. These combinatorial expertises together with his knowledge on natural language and classical / fuzzy logic allow Dr. Cardona’s team to data mine any medical database, and understand, index and sort by true relevance the medical data extracted from them.

Altogether the medical experience, the biomedical literature sorted by true relevance, and doctors rankings from all over the world, Dr. Cardona and his team can assure his patients the best second medical opinion and the best medical advice on the net.



Our mission is to offer the best medical treatment to our patients by offering the best second medical opinion. In order to offer the best medical advice possible we identify the latest advances in medicine, the most knowledgeable doctors, and lastly who are the physicians that best adapt to our patients’ needs.